VIO 3.0 Deployment-Part 3-Modifying the file

Since this is a test environment where I want to play around with the VMware Integrated OpenStack, it is important to modify and customize file, based on which the OpenStack nodes are deployed. Once I deploy the OpenStack I would only have one Controller Node and One Compute Node.

NOTE: Modifying the depends on the size of the OpenStack deployment and its design recommendations.

To modify the file take a putty session to the oms server ( and login with the viouser credentials and then switch the user to root.

The file can be found in the /opt/vmware/vio/etc directory.

Before you proceed modifying the file take a backup of the current configuration with the following command.

root@oms:/opt/vmware/vio/etc# cp

In the file change the following parameters as below, use the vi editor to modify the file:

oms.use_linked_clone = true

oms.datadisk_size = 20


Change the CPU and Memory for the Single VM deployment and datastore placement for both the Controller and Compute nodes as shown in the below screenshot.


Right after modifying the file, it is important to restart the oms service so that the changes would be immediately taken into affect.

You can restart the OpenStack Management Service (oms) with the following command.

root@oms#Service oms restart

After restarting the oms service you can proceed with the OpenStack deployment.

In the next post, I will walk you through the steps to deploy the OpenStack nodes.


WARNING: Keep in mind that the above configuration is NOT supported by VMware and I am using this configuration in my test lab environment and NOT meant to be used in the Production environments.

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