VIO 3.0 Deployment-Part 1-Deploying the VMware Integrated OpenStack 3.0 from OVA

Here in this post I am going to deploy the VMware Integrated Openstack 3.0 OVA that I downloaded from the link VMware Downloads.

As you all already knew that the VIO 3.0 is the latest version from VMware.

Login to the vCenter Server with the vSphere Web Client using your administrator credentials.


From the vSphere Web Client click on Hosts and Clusters.


From the Host and Clusters view Right click on the cluster and select Deploy OVF Template, the Openstack Management vApp would be deployed in this vSphere Cluster.


In the Next window “Deploy OVF Template” locate the ova file you have downloaded from VMware website and then click on Next.


In the next Window, Review the Details and click on Next.


At the Accept License Agreement Page, Click Accept and then click on Next


At the Select name and folder window, select the datacenter and the specific folder to place the VMware Integrated OpenStack VM.


At the Select Storage page, select the the Virtual disk Format “Thin Provision“and VM storage Policy “Datastore Default“. Here in my environment I have the Storage DRS configured “MGMT-DatastoreCluster


At the Setup Networks page, select the Destination Network, I am using the  “Management” Network to manage the VIO and then click on Next.


At the Customize template Window, set the password for the viouser.

NOTE: Record and save the viouser password as we login to the the OpenStack management Server (oms) with the viouser credentials.

Installation will ask you the domain name, Network IP, netmask, gateway, dns server, domain path. Please have this information prior to installing the VIO.

VIO Management Server Domain Name: corp.local
VIO Management Server Network IP Address:
VIO Management Server Network Netmask:
VIO Management Server Gateway:
VIO Management Server Domain Name Server:
VIO Management Server Domain Search Path: corp.local


Click on the Next button at the vService bindings Window.

This appliance will bind with the vCenter Extension Serveice and will have an unrestricted access to the vCenter Server APIs.


At the Ready to Complete Window, Put a Check Mark next to “Power on after deployment” and then click on Finish.


This Completes the VMware Integrated OpenStack Deployment.

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  1. Aditya
    Aditya at |

    What is hardware and software requirement for installing VIO 3.0? Can I install it on ESXi box v5.5 Standard with 40GB RAM and 1TB HDD? The official documentation says that it will require atleast 120GB+ RAM size. Is that really required? What is the minimum ESXi verion required?

    Also, is it compatible with VMware vRA 7.2? There is no word about this on VMWare web site.


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