Deploying vSphere Management Assistant from OVF

Here are the step instructions to setup the vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) in your enviroment.

To setup the vMA, login directly to the ESX/ESXi using the vSphere Client.

Click on the File Menu and then Select Deploy OVF Template.

Browse for the OVF File and then click on Next.

Once the OVF File is selected, the verify OVF template Details Appears, click on Next.

Accept the End User License  Agreement and then click on Next.

Name the vMA server and then click on Next.

Select the Type of Disk for your vMA server and then click on next.

 Select the Network for your VMA Server and then click on Next.

Ready to Complete Summary Window appears, look at the changes made and then click on Finish.

Thats it.. Its a pretty straight forward process. And it takes a minute to Deploy the VMA and will be to use after the customization.

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