Adding a Target Server (ESXi or vCenter) to the vMA

Once the vMA configuration is done, you can add target servers that is vCenter Server or ESXi versions. The vifp command enables you to add, list, and remove target servers and to manage the vi-admin user’s password.

To add a vCenter Server system as a target server:

  • Log in as vi-admin.
  • Run vifp addserver . When prompted, enter a vCenter Server user name with administrator privilege, Enter the user’s password., then Agree to store this information in the credential store.


  • Run vifp listservers to verify that the vCenter Server system has been added as a target.

  • Run vifptarget -s to set the target as the default for the current vMA session.

  • Lets try adding my ESXi Hosts ( & as well and then try running some commands targetting my ESXi Hosts.


As you can see, now I have both my vCenter and ESXi hosts added to the vMA Server.
Here is the output when I run the vicfg-nics -l command when I set the target against one of ESXi hosts from the vMA Server.
Thanks for reading. 

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