Installing a vCenter Server certificate

  • Log in to the vCenter Server as an administrator.
  • Back up the existing certificates from the vCenter Server. The certificate path varies depending the OS installed. Here is Path location
If its Windows 2008 – C:\programdata\VMware\VMware VirtualCenter\SSLIf Its Windows 2003 – C:\ Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\VMware\VMware VirtualCenter\SSL

If its Windows 2008 and 2003 – C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\Inventory Service\ssl and C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\vSphereWebClient\DMServer\config\ssl

  • Copy the new certificate files to the vCenter Server at the above above mentioned location and then load the certificate by using the Managed Object Browser (MOB). 

https://<vCenter_Server>/mob/?moid=vpxd-securitymanager&vmodl=1 on the vCenter Server and load the certificates for the configuration by using the Managed Object Browser. 

  • Click Continue if you are prompted with a certificate warning.
  • Type the administrator username and password when prompted.
  • Click reloadSslCertificate.
  • Click Invoke Method. If successful the window will show a message saying Method Invocation Result: void.
  • Register vCenter Server to the inventory service.
  • Encrypt the vCenter Server database password by using the new certificate.
  • Restart the VMware Virtual Center Server Service.
  • Restart the VMware vSphere Profile Driven Storage Service.
  • Go to https:l/ and validate the certificate.

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