How does the vMotion Migration Works?

Here are the few steps that were involved during vMotion Migration process.

  • When the vMotion Migration is initiated the virtual Machine’s memory is being copied from the source ESX/ESXi Server to the destination ESX/ESXi Server over the vMotion Network. The users will continue to have the access to the virtual machine, and the users updated memory pages would be stored in a bitmap image.
  • Once the active memory pages are being copied to the destination that the virtual machine will be quiesced for a couple of seconds to copy the bitmap image to the destination ESX/ESXi server.
  • When the virtual machine is quiesced and the bitmap image is copied to the destination ESX/ESXi, the virtual machine continues to run on the destination host.
  • The RARP notifies the subnet that the Virtual Machine MAC address has been connected to the new switch port.
  • Once the bitmap image is copied from the source to the destination ESXi host, the memory pages at the source ESXi would be freed.

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