vSphere Syslog Collector Configuration

In my previous I discussed about installing the vSphere Syslog Collector. Now lets go through how to Configure our Syslog Connector to collect the logs from our ESXi Servers.

  1. Lets login to our vCenter Server using the vSphere Client.
  2. Once you login to your vCenter Server, go to the Home Screen and there you will find “ Network Syslog Collector”.
  3. Now Go to the Hosts and Cluster, Select the ESXi Hosts and then click on the Advanced Settings Under the Software.
  4. Now at the Advanced Settings window, click on Syslog and Expand button and then click on Global.
  5. Now you need to change the parameter “syslog.global.loghost” to your Syslog Collector IP address or host name. 
  6. Change the Firewall settings and open the ports for Syslog. 
  7. Once you Click on  Network Syslog Collector, it will show you the Hosts whoses logs are collected and stored in the central repository.
  8. Now All is done and click on the Network Syslog Collector, it will show you the overview of the Syslog server configuration and the list of the servers configured for the Syslog server. 
  9. That’s it. You can also confirm the Log files by locating the log data in the VMware Syslog Collector Repository.

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