vCloud Director Architecture

The below diagram represents the VMware vcloud Architecture:

VMware vCloud Director is the VMware’s  Cloud Solution that will built on top of the VMware vSphere Product, to delivery the Cloud Computing.

Now the Cloud computing is an approach to computing that leverages the efficient pooling of an on-demand, self-managed virtual infrastructure, consumed as a service.
Thanks to VMware for this excellent representation of VMware vCloud Architecture.

A typical vCloud Director Infrastructure consists of the following things:
  • vSphere 
  • vShield Manager
  • vCloud Director Server
  • VMware Chargeback Server 
  • VMware vCloud Connector Server (Optional)

Each VMware vCloud environmennt Must contain the following components. So here we get started:

  • vSphere : The bottom Layer VMware vSphere is the foundation for the VMware vCloud Director Environement. ESXi is where exactly your Virtual Machines actually reside and consume the resources. vCenter Server is Centralized server to manage the ESX/ESXi Server. vCloud Director uses the dvSwitches/Portgroups to support the virtual machine networking. vCenter Database need to have own supported Database
  • vShield Managers: vShield Manager is the appliance that is used to provide the Networking and Security services to your virtual Infrastructure. Only one vShield Manager per vCenter is allowed.
  • vCloud Director Server Group: Multiple vCloud Directors in a cluster forms a vCloud Director Cell which runs a collection of services. 
  •  vCloud Director Database: All the Servers in the vCloud Directors server group might contain a common database.You will be attaching the vCloud DIrector Servers to the vCenter Server that it Manages and vCloud Networking and Services (vShield) provides the Networking and security Services to the vCloud Director.
  • vCenter Chargeback server provides the resource metering and reporting to facilitate the resource showback or the chargeback. A vCenter chargeback composed of both the vCenter Chargeback Server and the vCenter Chargeback Data Collector.
  • VMware vCloud Connector: It is actually an appliance that you download and deploy it to your vCloud environment and is mainly used to transfer the vApps in OVF from a local cloud to another cloud. It basically helps you transferring the cloud content from one cloud to another. It allows you to connect multiple clouds, both internal and external, in a single user interface.  

 This Comes to an end of the vCloud Director Architecture. Thanks for reading.

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