Lab 3: Creating the SSL Certificates for vCloud Director

Here I talk about Creating SSL Certificates for the vCloud Director 5.1 Installation: 

vCloud Director requires SSL to secure communications between clients and servers. Before you install and configure a vCloud Director server group, you must create two certificates for each member of the group and import the certificates into host keystores.

Each vCloud Director server that you intend to use in a  vCloud Director cluster requires two SSL certificates, one for each of its IP addresses.

  • Login to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server using the root Credentials.
  • Here I am Creating an untrusted certificate for the HTTP service (where I used eth0 for http).

keytool -keystore certificates.ks -storetype JCEKS -storepass Windows123@ -validity 9999 -genkey -keyalg RSA -alias http

In the same way create an untrusted certificate for the console proxy service (where eth1 was used). This command adds an untrusted certificate to the keystore file created by name certificates.ks

keytool -keystore certificates.ks -storetype JCEKS -storepass passwd -validity 9999 -genkey -keyalg RSA -alias consoleproxy

Now we have created a keystore files for both the http service and for the consoleproxy.

Its time to see verify the same. how you gonna do that??

here is the command:

keytool -keystore certificate.ks -storepass Windows123@ -storetype JCEKS -list

Thats it!!  Now we are done with creating the SSL certificates for the vCloud Director Installation.

Lets go ahead and create a valid database for the vCloud director. I am gonna use the SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition Evaluation version for the same. I will doing the steps in my next post for the same.

Thanks for reading.

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