Lab 2: Installing VMware Tools on the RHEL Server for vCloud Director

Lab 2: Installing VMware Tools on the RHEL Server for  vCloud Director

In my earlier post I talked about installing the RHEL in a Virtual Machine for the vCloud Director.

This post is about installing the VMware tools inside the Linux Virtual machine.

  •  Open the Virtual Machine console, Click on the VM Tab, go to guest and click on Install/Upgrade VMware Tools.

  • Now Login to the Virtual Machine with the Root Credentials

  • Created a directory called /prep/vmtools, I used this directory to copy the VMware Tools installation bundle.

            mkdir -p /prep/vmtools

  • I then created a mount point called /mnt/tmp for mounting the VMware Tools installation ISO.
           mkdir -p /mnt/tmp

  • Mounted the ISO image to the /mnt/tmp directory

          mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/tmp

  • copied the VMTools-9.6.0-1294478.tar.gz to the /prep/vmtools directory using the following command.

          cp VMTools-9.6.0-1294478.tar.gz /prep/vmtools/

  • Untarred the file “ VMTools-9.6.0-1294478.tar.gz” using the following command

            tar -xvzf VMTools-9.6.0-1294478.tar.gz

  • I then executed the following command to change the directory
          cd /prep/vmtools/

  • and finally executed ./ -d to install the Vmware tools with the all the default settings. and we are done.

Thats it and we are done with the VMware Tools installation inside the Linux Virtual Machine.

./ -d will install the VMware Tools with all the default settings and will automate all the things and the user intervention is not required.

Thats it!! we are done with the VM ware Tools Installation.

Now…. its time to eject/unmount the dvdrom  using the following command

umount /mnt/tmp

and we are done with the VMware Tools.. reboot the machine and will be back online with latest VMware Tools installed.

Step 2 in the preparing for the RHEL VM for the vCloud Director Cell series is done.

Now its  time to create the SSL certificates for the vCloud Director. Lets wrap it up here and will talk in the next post about that.

Thanks for reading

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