Lab 1: Installing the RHEL on a Virtual Machine for the vCloud Director

Lab 1: Installing the RHEL on a Virtual Machine for the vCloud Director.  Build a Workstation VM with the following Configuration:

·         Mount the ISO and Power ON the VM, select Install or Upgrade an existing system and hit Enter.
When prompted to test the Media for the Install , Select Skip and hit Enter.

At the Initial Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Setup window click on Next
Select the Language and click on Next
Select the Keyboard Language and click on Next.
Select the Storage device and click on Next
Storage Device Warning appears, click on Next as we are building the new virtual machine and there is no data in it. click on Yes, Discard any data.
Type the host name and then click on configure networking to configure the network.
Configure the Networking for eth0( which I would be using it for http and eth1(  for the console proxy

Select your Time zone and click on Next.
Type the secure password for your root user and click on next.Select the type of installation you need for your vCD and click on Next.
click on the Write changes to disk to continue.Select the basic installation unless otherwise there is a requirement for the other type installation, I am choosing basic and click on next. 

Click on Reboot Once the Installation is done.


Huhuhhhh…. RHEL installation is done.. Now Its time for the VMware Tools installation on the Linux Virtual Machine.

Thats how I did the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Installation for preparation to the vCD 5.1 

In the next post, I will write about Installing the VMware Tools inside the Linux guest OS.

I hope this is informative for you and thank you for reading.

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