VCAP5-DCD Exam Experience

Its been a amazing New Year 2014 to start with my VCAP-DCD exams, on January 9th 2014 I wrote my VCAP4-DCD. I know I should have skipped the VCAP4-DCD and would have written the VCAP5-DCD straightaway. But since I already have a VCAP-DCA on vSphere 4, I just decided to register the VCAP4-DCD as well so I have register and have given this exam on January 9th and I am glad that it is a PASS. 

Exactly after a week on Jan 16th 2013, I wrote my VCAP5-DCD (2nd attempt), and I am glad and happy that I passed this exam as well. I have been preparing for these exams for the past 6+ months I am glad that I passed thse two DCD exams at the very begining of this New Year and I have already started to focus more on Cloud and Desktop Virtualization. I started to learn the basics of Desktop/Cloud virtualization since I never worked on either Desktop or Cloud in my career. 

My Focus for this year is to be to complete the VCP-Desktop, VCAP-DTA/DTD and VCAP-CIA and VCAP-CID. Let’s see how it goes. 

With this VCAP4/5-DCD achievement, I now own 4 VCAP certifications.. VCAP4-DCA, VCAP4-DCD, VCAP5-DCA and VCAP5-DCD 🙂 

I wish I complete the other remaining 4  VCAP certifications this Year and then I would give it a try for the VCDX in a DCV Path 🙂

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