2nd attempt for your VCAP exams is free..

Okay.. If you have written the VCAP exam during October 2013 to Mar 2014, and unfortunately got failed, dont worry VMware is Offering a free 2nd Attempt vochers for all of your VCP5 and VMware Advanced exams includes VCAP4-DCA,VCAP5-DCA,VCAP4-DCD,VCAP5-DCD,VCAP-CID,VCAP-CIA, VCAP-DTD,VCAP-DTA.

How to redeem your Free 2ND exam:

VMware Certifications validate your knowledge and experience that are aligned to your real world responsibility. However, it is easy to underestimate the difficulty of these exams. Now you have a 2nd chance to pass the exam and it is FREE!

  1. Pay and take your 1st exam at a Pearson Vue test center between 1 Oct 2013 till 31 March 2014
  2. Register & schedule your 2ND exam by 31 March 2014 at www.pearsonvue.com/vmware
  3. Upon payment for your 2ND exam, enter the promotion code as seen below & your 2ND exam is free

Promotion Codes

ADV103, Applies to the following VMware Professional exams

ü  VCAP4-DCA (VDCA410)

ü  VCAP5-DCA (VDCA510)

ü  VCAP4-DCD (VDCD410)

ü  VCAP5-DCD (VDCD510)





AINJPKR103, , Applies to the following VMware Professional exams

ü  VCP5-DCV (VCP510)

ü  View Exam (VCP510-DT)

ü  VCP-Desktop (VCPD510)

ü  IaaS Exam (VCPVCD510)

ü  VCP-Cloud (VCPC510)

 Sooo plan.. schedule.. prepare.. and finally write the exam..

Thispromotion is only applicable to Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan & Korea. Thepromotion code must be redeemed at a Pearson Vue testing center when one self-registers for the exam at http://www.pearsonvue.com/vmware/ between 1 Oct 2013 till 31 March 2014.VMwarereserves the right to change or cancel this promotion at any time with orwithout notice.

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