Commonly Used Performance Monitoring Tools for vSphere Environments

Commonly Used Performance Monitoring Tools

VMware performance charts 

VMware performance charts are displayed when you connect the VMware vSphere Client connected either to the ESX/ESXi host directly or to a VMware vCenter Server.

resxtop and esxtop  

The resxtop (remote esxtop) and esxtop commands are an excellent commands for collecting every performance statistic needed. The great way to do the analysis using these reports.


resxtop/esxtop is a great tool for performance analysis, but resxtop/esxtop does not provide the full picture of the storage profile. vscsiStats collects and reports counters on storage activity. Its data is collected at the virtual SCSI device level in the kernel.

Guest-based performance monitoring is an inaccurate means of evaluating performance in virtual deployments. Because VMware products provide a virtual interface to the hardware, traditional performance tools based on measuring hardware resources might not be accurate. As a result, tools such as Windows Perfmon or the Linux top command will not provide accurate measurements of CPU utilization. Performance analysis on virtual deployments should always use host-based tools; for example, vCenter Server performance charts or resxtop/esxtop.

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