vMotion fails at 10% with “Necessary module isn’t loaded” error

I’ve recently had a problem with an ESXi 5.0 host: all of the Virtual Machine’s vMotion failed at 10% showing error “Is not Necessary module loaded.”

After a bit of search I’ve found two of the VMware KB articles Regarding this issue:  KB1013150 and KB2013128 .
Here is quick steps to restore vMotion functionality:
To workaround this issue:
  • In the ESXi command line, run this command to load the module:esxcli system module load -m migrate 

Note: It may be necessary to run this command on the source and destinations ESXi hosts.

  • Connect to vCenter Server through the vSphere Client.
  • Select the ESXi host and click the Configuration tab.
  • Click Software > Advanced Settings.You see that Migrate.Enabled is set to zero because the module was not loaded earlier.
  • Set Migrate.Enabled to 1 and click OK.
You should now be able to vMotion or add a network card to the virtual machine.
I hope this is informative and thanks for reading.

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