unable to configure a Portgroup on a virtual Switch

Error: call “HostNetworkSystem.UpdateNetworkConfig” for object “networksystem” on ESXi “esx1.example.com” failed. Operation failed, diagnostic report: sysinfo error on operation returned status: Limit exceeded. Please see the VMkernel log for detailed error information

Customer wanted us to create a new portgroup on the ESX Server where there were already 3 virtual switches have been configured. When I tried to create a new portgoup on a new virtual Switch I was getting the error listed in the below screenshot. This issue is happening only on one of the ESX Server that is part of the cluster. When I tried to create the portgroup on a new virtual switch on the other ESX server it was successfully. So the issue is specific to one ESX Server.

The ESX version installed is VMware ESXi5.0.0, 623860

Here are the sequence of steps that I have tried and was finally successful.

1) We tried restarting the services on the ESX server, by taking ssh session to putty.exe. Still it was not resolved.
2) restarted the Virtual Center Server still it was not successfully.
3) As per the error message, I had a look into the ESX vmkernel.log files and I have found that ” Limit exceeded” error. This has given me a clue that the number ports on the esx server is already been reached to a maximum number that ESXi System supports.

As per the ESXi Maximums document an ESX Server supports a maximum of 4096 ports per ESX host.

I had reviewed the other available virtual swithces on the ESXi Server and have found that one of the vSwitch is being using a 4096 port. This is the vSwitch which is causing the issue. We have modified the ports on that particular vswitch and rebooted the ESXi Server. Because Modifying the ports on vSwitch requires a reboot.  After the reboot, I was successfully be able to configure a new portgroup on a new vSwitch.

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